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Quick and Dirty HIT Workout #1

QUICK AND DIRTY HIT WORKOUT I finished up my day at the gym yesterday and I thought that I had time to get a full workout done. I was mid-warm-up when my phone went off. The good news? It wasn’t an emergency. The bad news? I needed to get going—fast. I looked at the clock, I looked at myself, and I looked […]


Squat Mobility: Prying Plus

If the deepest you ever squat is under load, then it’s time to build a movement buffer. You are never at your strongest at end-range. So, if you’re maxing out your squat depth under load, you are either compromising on weight or on technique—probably both. By having access to more squat depth than you absolutely need for a heavy lift, you’ll keep […]

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Hotel Complex #1

I was in Indianapolis this past week—part of a regular meetup I do with some of the best people in the fitness biz. This round was hosted by one of my favourite people: Mike Robertson, co-founder of IFAST. Did I work out with some awesome human beings? Yes. Yes, I did. But that was then. I still needed to get moving before […]


Dad Strength Mini-Workouts

Dad Strength Mini-Workouts have three basic criteria: They take fifteen minutes or less They fit seamlessly into your day—minimal setup or travel required They have a positive, cumulative impact on your day-to-day well-being “Okay, but what is a Mini-WORKOUT?” If you’re like me, you’re trying to live your best dad life under serious time constraints. You know that your body is a […]


You Don’t Need Motivation Part II

In Part I, we talked about how your intrinsic drive is probably pretty high but how different friction points that may be disrupting things for you. In Part II, we continue the discussion of what is getting in your way and how to deal with that. Friction Point: Not trusting the process The Real Issue: Not knowing how to find a trustworthy process […]


You Don’t Need Motivation Part I

You’re already motivated. You may not feel that way but I promise that this is a fact. It is the only real reason you’re reading this. You want to feel stronger, more physically capable, and generally just at home in your own body. You don’t need to be convinced or sold. This is fundamental human stuff. Likewise, you don’t want pain or a […]


Your Metabolism is Not the Problem

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been hearing about how your metabolism slows down as you age—and how getting fatter is inevitable. I remember my older brother telling me that as he circled 30. It seemed reasonable, so I filed that away in my mental archives and didn’t question it for many years. You may have had a similar experience. […]


Building an Oaken Tower

Creating the time and space for real thinking and productivity doesn’t happen by accident. The term ivory tower refers to academics who live high above, with a layer of cloud separating them from worldly things. It’s a nice thought. For dads, though, it’s often more of a fantasy. Our people need another type of building material. It’s got to be robust, flexible, […]

Classic Dad

Dad Strength

The term dad strength recognizes a superpower that all fathers seem to possess. Almost every guy I’ve spoken to knows the term (or perhaps refers to it as old-man strength). Far fewer women, however, seem acquainted with it. So, for those who don’t know, this is an introduction. For those who do, this is a tribute. Every guy has memories of having his hand crushed […]

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